About holly

I am a working from home mommy of two gorgeous boys with a baby girl on the way. I'm a social media and blog junkie who enjoys blogging about our rental properties and other investments, as well as on behalf of Sears and other brands I love.

Making the Most of Your Rental Properties during the Holidays

The poor economy is affecting everything. As families tighten their belts luxury items are the first to go. This means that many families aren’t going on vacation this year – putting rental properties in danger. More than ever property owners are looking for creative ways to promote their rental properties and create return business. Follow […]

Staying Fit While Working From Home

Raising children is an incalculable time commitment. Even thought it takes so much time, you’ll still give your kids more – for better AND worst. When you are dividing up the moments you have left – work takes all the rest. It can be very hard to make your fitness a priority when so many […]

Modernizing Your Home to Make Working from Home More Enjoyable

As a work-from-home mom, it’s very important that my home is a pleasant place to be. It sounds pretty simple but staring at the same décor day in and day out can be tiring, which is exactly what I don’t need as a busy mom of two toddlers and a wee one on the way. […]