Candy Up The Nose Oh No

Today I experienced of those days that all parents dread. A day your child does something that you really ask yourself, “what the heck where they thinking”. My son decided to stick a piece of candy in his nose. Not just any candy, an atomic fireball. He is only three, so I guess he was […]

The Benefits Of Google Friend Connect

If you read blogs or have a blog, you have probably seen the Google Friend Connect widget in the sidebar of many blogs. I am one of those that has it installed on my blogs, but what is it? The Google Friends Connect is one of Google’s online services that allows online users to connect […]

Featured Foodie Blogs + Linky

I LOVE foodie blogs. I even have one of my own foodie blogs that I need to update more often. You should see how many bookmarks I have on things that other foodie bloggers are posting on their blogs. It is fun to be able to try other’s recipes and leave comments on how mine […]

Featured Mommy Bloggers + Linky

I am a blogger and LOVE reading other blogs from fellow mommy bloggers. I have quite a few that I am subscribed to so I am sure to get their updates in my inbox. I would like to share with you a few of my favorite mommy blogs. Mommy To Three Monkeys Three Kids and […]

Holistic Moms Twitter Party – Cleaning, Naturally!

One thing that I have taken up lately is Twitter parties. For me, a party on Twitter means being able to network and meet others on Twitter that I am not already following. Sometimes Twitter parties offer some really cool prizes too! On March 1, 2011 the Holistic Moms will be hosting their weekly Twitter […]

Make Money With Squidoo – A Mom’s Dream Come True

Parents, especially moms are constantly trying to think of ways to make money at home. As a natural instinct, mothers want to be the one to raise their newborn children, not put them in daycare. I have been there myself. I worked the full time job while my grandmother watched my daughter. It took me […]

How To Start Blogging

For those that have not started some sort of blog, what are you waiting for? Blogging is easy, addicting and can even generate some income for you and your family. You can setup a blog and start blogging within minutes if you really wanted to. To begin blogging, you need to decide what type of […]

Advantages Of Joining Twitter

Many of you have heard about Twitter but have not signed up. If you have a business and have not jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, you are missing out. Below are some of the reasons why you should join Twitter. It is FREE to join and EASY to use. You can create a profile and […]

Network WAHM is now on WordPress

After many years, Network WAHM is now going to be a WordPress website. We are currently in the process of redesigning this site, so please excuse the mess. So far we have added a new link directory, guestbook and forum. Be sure to come back soon to see the new look.