Making the Most of Your Rental Properties during the Holidays

The poor economy is affecting everything. As families tighten their belts luxury items are the first to go. This means that many families aren’t going on vacation this year – putting rental properties in danger. More than ever property owners are looking for creative ways to promote their rental properties and create return business. Follow these tips to help your property investment make stronger returns.

Deck the Halls

Travelers want their vacations to be memorable. If they’re away for the holidays they won’t have the festive touches that home provides. Go the extra mile and decorate your rental property for the holidays. This extra touch will certainly make your properties stand out against the competition. A family can envision a visit to your property much easier if it is decked out for the holidays. Post pictures of the property in all its holiday glory. Decorating for Christmas and Thanksgiving are the most straight forward. But you can generate traffic to your home by decorating for the Fourth of July, St. Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s, etc. Being festive with your space lets renters know that you want them to have a great time and they’ll certainly enjoy themselves more.

Perfect Pricing

Make your prices higher during peak periods. When looking for rental property, people expect it to cost more in busy seasons. By playing with your pricing you can encourage business in the off-season. Potential customers will see how expensive your property is “in-season” and feel like they are really getting a steal. Try to find a happy, mid level price. Vacation renters shop around. They will know if you are any more expensive than the property next door. However, this also means that undercutting the competition will keep your property booked.

Repeat Offenders

Repeat business is extremely beneficial. In fact, having the same family come back each year is ideal. After a few visits you know they are trustworthy, and the entire process becomes easier. Repeat business is gained by providing an exemplary experience the first time around. Be cheerful and helpful in all of your interactions with the customers. Booking a vacation is a hassle and they will remember you making the process easier. Make special offers for repeat business. If you really want a group to come back then give them a reason to return. A discount on rent, a welcome basket or any sort of personalized communication helps to foster a relationship. Even if your costumers only intend to visit once, they’ll have your contact information and can send people your way.

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