Staying Fit While Working From Home

Raising children is an incalculable time commitment. Even thought it takes so much time, you’ll still give your kids more – for better AND worst. When you are dividing up the moments you have left – work takes all the rest. It can be very hard to make your fitness a priority when so many other responsibilities seem more pressing. I think an unfortunate thing about parenting is that sometimes you feel guilty just doing something for yourself. But it’s important to think about how your kids and spouse will benefit from having a healthy family member.

Fitness with a family is all about time management. Of course, being able to mark-off a good chunk of time each day to devote to exercise is ideal, but not everyone has time to climb up on a treadmill and get a high-quality workout in. I think multi-tasking can be taken to unproductive extremes, but a great way to utilize it and get a little exercise in is stretching while you do other tasks.

Office or chair yoga is very popular, and you don’t have to actually be flexible to do it. This can be taken to any level of extreme. Whether it just makes you posture conscious or you really get intense stretching done – being more active while you’re sitting down is a huge help to your fitness and your energy levels. The amount of time we spend at computers may easily make us a generation of hunchbacks. Stretching at your desk, sitting on a stability ball instead of an office chair or taking any chance you can to stand-up are all great ways to keep your work from eating into your fitness. These ideas can be used at the office or for anyone else who spends a lot of time sitting down.

When you are doing tasks around the home, be conscious of your movement. You can get a lot out of your chores. Simple changes like curling a laundry basket or bags of groceries while you carry them can challenge your muscles as you work. I always do deep lunges. Maybe I will declare that from 11:30-11:45 I am going to lunge instead of step to everywhere I go around the house. It kills, honestly. It’s a fantastic leg and butt workout. Once you get stronger just do it for longer periods of time or carry something with you (1-5 lbs. weights or bottles of cleaning supplies work great).

Finally, I would urge you to take advantage of time when you actually do get it. I am already in workout clothes by the time my husband comes home. When he comes in I am out the door. He immediately starts to watch the kids and cook dinner while I go for my daily run. I know not every couple has a set-up that works so well but I’ve found that maximizing this small chunk of my day (I’m back and climbing in the shower in half an hour) helps me sleep better and is necessary “me time.”

It isn’t easy to find workout time within a busy work/home life. But being conscious of your time is the first step to success. Multi-task light activity with your work schedule, and when you can manage a little time to yourself really take advantage of it and plan a challenging workout. Good luck and good work!

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